Testimonials and Healing Stories




 “Joan’s hands are magical. In just one session, I felt exceptionally peaceful and transformed.”- Diane Ingram, Life Coach and Coach Trainer

 “Joan is a gifted healer. I receive more healing benefits in one session with her than from any other practitioner.” – Greg B.

 “Joan has a unique ability to tune in to a person’s energetic body and “see” physical, emotional and spiritual issues that need to be addressed. She is warm, empathetic and able to channel energy which produces calm, clarity and balance” – Pita Lemstra, Energy Healer and Crystal Bowl Practitioner

 “One Light Healing Touch has helped me to transform myself in profound ways, where 10 years of psychotherapy and 18 years of TM had only scratched the surface.” — S.A.





“A 80 year old widow came seeking help for ongoing insomnia, anxiety and fatigue. During the session, she released a lot of stuck energy connected with sadness and regret around her late husband and a sense of responsibility for her daughter’s emotional well-being. Several days after the healing, she reported that she was now sleeping soundly, had set some boundaries for her daughter, and was experiencing “a lightness of spirit”.  She also booked a longed-for visit to the United Kingdom.”
Joan Baird, One Light Healing Touch Certified Practitioner



A client requested help in addressing her low energy and chronic depression which had not responded to conventional treatment. After several sessions, she noted that she is no longer focused on “the old voices in my head” but now she listens to “the voice in my heart”. She has made changes in her primary relationship.
Joan Baird, One Light Healing Touch Certified Practitioner



A guidance counsellor sought healing for ongoing stress in her life. She felt restricted in her breathing and she had digestive issues. After her first healing, she told me, “I feel like my whole body opened up. I can breathe freely and I have no stomach pain.”
Joan Baird, One Light Healing Touch Certified Practitioner